• Skills of the Game

    3 seasons

  • Trivia Night
    1 season

    Trivia Night

    1 season

  • ChukkerTV AT HOME

    1 season

    Due to the current difficult situation, we all find ourselves in. ChukkerTV’s own James Foti & Dale Schwetz interviews players remotely while in the safety and comfort of their homes.
    We’ll be discussing this year's past polo season, looking back at some of the players' highlights, and discussing...

  • WPL All Access
    1 season

    WPL All Access

    1 season

    with host Josh Cohen
    Premiers Feb 15th

  • The60
    1 season


    1 season

  • Argentine Asado

  • What to expect at polo

    Dale and Jan tell you everything to expect at your first polo match.

  • Polo Fitness

    Jeremy Fedoruk, Polo trainer and owner of Athletic Enhancement Group, speaks on what goes into preparing athletes for the sport of Polo